Davidson County Youth Soccer Association – Classic 

Director of Classic – Jonas Nader

Assistant Director of Classic – Tasha Lanier

Co-Director – James Garrison

Director of Coaching – Brent Lewis

ARTICLE 1. Name A. This organization shall be known as Davidson County Youth Soccer League (doing  business as Davidson County Youth Soccer Association), hereinafter referred to as “DCYSA” or  “Corporation,” as appropriate. 

ARTICLE 2. Purpose A. DCYSA Classic purpose is to offer players a higher level of competitive soccer. The  Classic level requires dedication and commitment by the players and their families in all areas including  competition, training, financial and time. Our top priorities and mission are to develop players while  providing a positive soccer learning experience. To ensure this, it is important for every player to be  placed in the right situation and environment. Our goal is to challenge players while providing enjoyment  and successful experience.  

ARTICLE 3. Affiliations A. DCYSA Classic shall maintain current affiliation with the North Carolina Youth  Soccer Association (NCYSA) and any other association determined appropriate by the DCYSA Classic  Executive Board.  

ARTICLE 4. Offices A. The principal office of DCYSA (the “Corporation”) shall be located in the County of  Davidson, State of North Carolina. The address of the principal office and the designation of the resident  agent may be changed from time to time as authorized by the DCYSA Recreational Executive Board, after  filing the appropriate paperwork with the North Carolina Secretary of State, Corporations Division.  

ARTICLE 5. Seasonal Playing Year, Fiscal Year, and Term of the DCYSA Classic Executive Board A. The  seasonal year of DCYSA Classic shall begin and end as deemed by that of NCYSA. The fiscal year shall be  designated as the first day after the last spring game is played for the following season. The Classic  Executive Board consist of: DCYSA Classic Director, DCYSA Classic Assistant Director and DCYSA Co-Chair  Director. These individuals were originally appointed into this position in 2020 when Classic was created  and then evolved into three positions by 2022 with the growth of the division. 

ARTICLE 6. Membership A. DCYSA Classic members will be parents and/or guardians of all players  registered directly with the DCYSA. B. DCYSA Classic will not discriminate against any individual based on race, color, religion, age, sex, or national origin. C. Membership shall be by annual registration. D. All  members shall abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of this Association, the Code of Conduct, the  regulations and by-laws of the NCYSA, and all North Carolina and federal law. E. A member shall be  deemed to have his or her membership terminated if he or she; a. Withdraws from DCYSA. b. By  personal or business conduct, violates any part of the By-Laws or rules and regulations of the DCYSA Classic or NCYSA may be expelled from membership by a majority vote of the DCYSA Classic Executive  Board. c. Take part in any conduct which does, or may, in the opinion of the DCYSA Classic Executive  Board, bring the game into disrepute. Action requires a majority vote of the DCYSA Classic Executive  Board. d. Is convicted of any felony. e. Is convicted of any misdemeanor involving an act of violence and  crimes against children. f. If the majority of the DCYSA Classic Executive Board vote to remove the  member from DCYSA. If the member is removed, that person is barred from being at any facility used by  DCYSA for meetings or events, including their own child or step-child’s events. The written decision of  the DCYSA Classic Executive Board shall constitute a trespass notice to establish the elements of the  crime of Trespassing under North Carolina law.  

ARTICLE 7. Voting Rights for DCYSA A. Members who are in good standing with DCYSA Classic shall have  the right to vote at the DCYSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) and any special meeting of the  membership of the DCYSA. A family with a child that is a player in good standing and that is actively  participating in a sport or signed up for an upcoming sport shall have a vote. A family unit of one player 

shall be allowed one vote, two players shall have two votes, and so on for each ballot issue and  nominated position. Votes may be submitted in person or on an official ballot form prior to the meeting  if available.  

ARTICLE 8. Dissolution A. Upon the dissolution classic, the Classic Executive Board (which is the  Corporation’s Board of Directors) shall, after paying or making provision for the payment of all the  liabilities of the corporation, then funds from the DCYSA Classic account moved to the DCYSA recreation  account. 

ARTICLE 9. Meetings A. All meetings shall be recorded in some fashion by one of the members of the  Classic Executive Board. B. Special Meetings, special meetings of the Classic Executive Board or  Recreational Executive Board, special meetings of the designated officers may be called. Such meetings  shall be held at the principal office of the Corporation. C. The DCYSA annual meeting of members shall  be held at the designated location within one hundred and twenty (120) days of the close of each fiscal  year and at a date and an hour fixed by the DCYSA Recreational Executive Board for the purpose of the  election of the DCYSA Recreational Executive Board and officers that may be elected, in accordance with  these by-laws, by the members of the Corporation and for the transaction properly brought before the  meeting. ■ The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be published and present. The AGM  shall be governed by Robert’s Rule of Order. ■ Business at the Annual General Meeting will be the  election of representatives to the DCSYA Recreational Executive Board and such officers that may be  elected, in accordance with these by-laws. DCYSA Recreational Executive Board Members will take office  September 1st. D. If the annual meeting shall not be held during the period established in article 9:B, a  substitute annual meeting may be called in accordance with the provisions of article 10:D or as provided  by the Act. A meeting so called shall be designated and treated for all purposes as the annual meeting.  H. The DCYSA Recreational Executive Board may call a special meeting of the membership at any such  time, as the DCYSA Recreational Executive Board may call a special meeting of the membership at any  such time, as the DCYSA Recreational Executive Board deems necessary, with written notice of the  meeting disseminated in hard copy, or electronic mail format. I. Notice of meetings: The DCYSA shall give  notice to all members entitled to vote at the meeting of the place, date, and time of each annual,  regular, and special meeting of members no fewer than 10 days, or, if notice is mailed by other than first  class, registered or certified mail, no fewer than 30 days, nor more than 60 days before the meeting  date. This includes AGM, and also any special meetings called per 9:F. Such notice may be sent in hard  copy and / or electronic mail. E. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be allowed to be conducted via  video conferencing platforms / online virtual meeting platforms to allow for individuals to participate in  the meetings. Voting members of the DCYSA shall be informed of the video / virtual platform used by the  DCYSA recreational board, and allowed to join this meeting. Any voting member that has joined the  meeting shall count toward the quorum requirements set forth in Article 10 of the DCYSA Recreational  by-laws.  

ARTICLE 10. Presiding Officer/Governing Body A. The President shall be informed of all actions of the  DCYSA Classic Executive Board. The DCYSA Classic Executive Board is the Governing Body of DCYSA  Classic making all decisions for the Classic Division. The Classic Director presides over meetings. The  Assistant Director or the Co-Director shall act as secretary of such meetings.