Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions by parents whose children are considering Classic level of play. We hope this provides useful information to assist you in your decision process regarding the Classic soccer program.

What is Classic league soccer?

Classic soccer is the highest level of league play offered in North Carolina under NCYSA (North Carolina Youth Soccer Association), the governing body for Classic soccer in North Carolina. Classic level players should demonstrate dedication, commitment, a desire to learn and illustrate sportsmanship and leadership on and off the field. There are different divisions of play under each age group: Classic First Division, Classic Second Division and Classic Third Division. Teams are promoted and relegated by NCYSA to the various levels of Classic play.

What type of financial commitment will I be expected to make?

The cost including uniform and excluding travel will vary based on age group and number of players.  The cost will range from $325-$425 per season.

When does the season begin?

Initial tryouts are held in the Spring of each year for the age groups that will be offered for the upcoming seasons for boys and girls. For age groups 15U and above, for both boys and girls, Classic soccer season will not be played during high school soccer season.  Girls 15U and above will be played in the fall and boys 15U and above will be played in the spring. For all other age groups under 15U, Classic soccer season will be offered for fall and spring.

How much playing time will my child see?

Classic soccer is the highest level and most competitive level of youth soccer played in North Carolina with a commitment to player development with the four pillars of US Soccer in mind; physical, technical, tactical and psychological. Playing time will be at the discretion of the coaches and is not guaranteed in any game for any player.

How many tournaments will we go to?

The choice to play in tournaments is up to each individual team’s coaches and parents. Coaches and Classic managers will identify which tournaments they are interested in attending and present these options to the parents. They will try to attend a pre-season and post-season tournament during the fall and spring seasons. The location of the tournaments will depend on the available tournaments and could require travel.

How many practices per week will my child practice?

Players will be expected to attend a minimum of three practice sessions per week during regular season.  Sessions will be 1-2 hours long depending on age group. Saturday and Sunday are possible options for pre-season and regular season depending on field availability.

When are games?

Games are usually played on Saturdays with a possibility of weekly or Sunday games. Classic teams are limited to play one game per day; however, there are no restrictions on the number of games per week. DCYSA will try to follow a one game only per week; however, there may be scheduling conflicts that require a team to play more than one game in a week.

How much travel with there be to the games?

Travel is required in order to experience a higher level of competition statewide. The divisions are typically broken into leagues of teams with travel to and from games dependent upon the number of teams in the league. Travel should not exceed 2 ½ hours one way for a game.

What if my child is required to leave a team?

Parents for players 14U and below should understand that once a player has been selected and placed on a team, it is a fall and spring season commitment for that year. If a player wants to be released to join another team, they need to be released by their coach. There will be a financial and game play penalty, no refunds unless there is a defined hardship. The current registration rules provide that if a player is released from a Classic level team and desires to re-roster with another Classic level team during the same season year, absent a defined hardship, the player shall have a 2-game sit out.  Hardship is defined as playing having moved his/her primary residence 50 or more miles during the seasonal year or if the player’s team has folded and player passes have been returned to NCYSA.